miko ala mode (mikonoda) wrote,
miko ala mode

Shockingly, some people have professed to still checking in on me here at mikonoda so I guess I'd better offer something interesting back.

I just recently went to the Rocky Horror Show at our local city theater (note: the live performance, not the Rocky Horror Picture Show) and that was a blast and a half. We got to throw confetti and shout "Slut!" at Janet and all the classics. Plus, the guy who played the creation Rocky Horror had just gotten off of a round of playing Troy Bolton at our Children's Theatre's production of High School Musical so the contrast was just too amusing.

In other news, I'm labeling this weekend as Freak Out Weekend as it is the last one before my Junior Review. So if I'm spouting crazy the next few days, well... don't ask me how it's going. >_>;;
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