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A new day dawns... [aka how my junior review went]

I'd rate this experience on a whole as.... fair to good. I got just about the critiques I was expecting and some compliments I wasn't. They noticed right away I hadn't taken very many design classes but thought I was right where I needed to be in the ones I had. I was told to try to be more hand-drawn and show my craft rather than depend on computer "drop shadows" but also that my concepts were very nice. The whole conversation was pleasant and not demeaning, nor did they harp continuously on one problem like some people had happen. If I have to take it again, I know I'll be far less nervous and that alone is worth it.

Apparently, I even talk clearly about my work. Imagine that. I probably expected that one the least. Oh, and the part where I was told you can tell how intelligent I am. HA!

... Guess I would've lost that bet against Colleen... no bragging now!

Oh, and I'm sure some of you will be tempted to tell me I shouldn't have been so worried after all, but, remember, everything's scarier when you're preparing and I consider myself lucky to have gotten to talk to such friendly instructors.

Everything else doesn't matter because, till the results come through, this is done done DONE.
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