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Life as it is

I couldn't be happier to say that things have fallen back into normality. I do fun homework, I make my roleplay posts. Ah, nothing else is needed except a little bit of time to catch up on my TV shows via their online networks.

My next new path of concentration will be getting myself in somewhere for Internship credits. The goal this summer is not to have to work for my mum and her business, especially since I'm also hoping to stay in this apartment for the summer and next year. WE SHALL SEE.

But my life is boring. I'm not talking about it. I'll just have to get sad again that no one has enough money to go on the Browncoat Cruise with me. Not that I believe my mom would let me skip school for it, but it was fun to imagine.

In other news, Dean Winchester is some of the most fun I've had writing a character ever. Amen. And to think, not so long ago I was biased against the Winchesters entirely because of fangirls. SEE WHAT YOU DO, FANGIRlS?! And your scary incest.

Also, Heroes. I was never biased against Heroes since I started watching it right when it came out on my own initiative - 'also' in that it is most fun to play. I think it's the complexity of the thoughts of the characters. Same with Dean. His show may be formulaic and somewhat repetitive but you can have so much fun with all those paragraphs of exposition I and a couple of my friends seem to enjoy. ^_~ Yes, I got accused of "novel writing" in my roleplay posts again. Tee hee, oops. I just get carried away with the right people.
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