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*wibble* I lost my shoe.

So I finally, finally got around to watching all those television shows on the internet that I enjoy. And that I will cry for should the Writer's Guild strike end them. Still, I can't help but side with the writers on this on principle until I get more details on the matter. This is probably the one big issue that I can get into. Presidental debates? Couldn't care less - which is likely a bad thing considering this man/woman will be running the country, but there it is. But the fate of scriptwriters and my favorite television programs? Sign me up! I'll be there.

Now just to email Joss Whedon and Tim Kring and beg to be of help. Come on. Pleease? Except I desperately need an internship this summer so I can't exactly be picketting during that time. Oh well.

So my first impressions are good, actually. I wasn't so sure about Heroes in the beginning because I feel it's difficult to keep up the great mood they had in the first season. Now that we know all the heroes all they can do is figure out better ways to affect these people or introduce new ones. Or attempt both. Personally, I think the former is going better despite the usual hardships of throwing too many trials on one group. I'm not too endeared to any of the new people so far except White Samurai (yes, I know his name).

Naturally, the powers that be then decided that he should be teh evil. Or at least morally twisted. My next dream is that he be reformed somehow, but I don't see that happening - so it's time to write that fanfiction! Anyway, if he convinces Peter that he's right, even for a little while, that shall be the hottest team possible with Isaac Mendez dead.

As long as he's not just around to be the extra regenerative for Sylar to kill then I think I can stomach the developments. They just made me love his rogueish self too much in the earlier episodes. And he was obviously in a very fragile transitioning phase. Hiro's timing couldn't have been worse; he made my hitlist for that one. Though he's all down there on the bottom and stuff because I dislike Elle and Sylar and Mohinder more right now.

Yeah, that's right. MOHINDER. Being an ass. Matt is such a better father than him. I'm so pleased Matt got such a powerful moment in the recent episode with saving Molly. Besides, if it were Mohinder versus Bennet, I would choose Bennet every time. Although there's probably some twist, this show is good at that. We could even see Mohinder holding a smoking gun in the same picture as a dead Bennet and I still wouldn't believe it till it happened. You never, ever know.

On that note, I'm more than super glad that Isaac's legacy lives on in his paintings. They even say his name bunches. Really, I guess it was a good plot point for him to die, now. He can still help because he's already done all these paintings before the show even started. I just felt dirty (the bad way) whenever Sylar got to use it. I hope he never gets those powers back; it would serve him right.

Now, as for Supernatural. Yay! First off, Bobby is like the kickassest guy ever. I'm so super glad he's around and pitching in and stuff. He really holds his own without being a big prick like Daddy Winchester. Not that we don't root for John every time... we just sort of like having Bobby around better.

Also, how was ".... I lost my shoe" NOT the best line ever? That whole episode was so perfectly timed. The way they'd be running along and suddenly Sam would just vanish from the frame as he tripped. OMG. I can't even explain, you have to see it. And if you're reading this, I certainly hope you already have.

The brothers are, of course, still golden. You can't really change that, and the episodes are similar entries to what we've already seen so there's not much more big to comment on except: teh girlies. (Oh, and how much I miss Yellow-Eyes)

So the girls. I don't like Ruby right now. She's much too... usual. And yeah, I can't say Supernatural is the hub of originality or anything, but I want to have someone interesting butting heads with the Winchesters right now. It's just little typical things right now. Like the way she has to make those dumb Meg-esque comments. If she hadn't said "that's my boy" after Sam had lowered the Colt then that scene would've been five times as good. I don't mind a little snootiness to get the plot along but constant flaunting is just obnoooxious, especially when done to the face of a character you already like. So, for instance, if she were to walk up, claim that she can help in all her snarkiness and then just sort of not bring it up for a couple of episodes... that would be good. Maybe she has to, yes, to keep Sam from trying to shoot her dead, but... I don't know. I still think she could be more subtly knowing.

I'm being a little broad with the 'you's and stuff, but bear with me if that's not how you feel. That's just how I get my points across sometimes.

On the contrary, right now Bela is tolerable. She showed a handful more of emotions and she even didn't get her way once or twice. I like the immediate show of vulnerability because, even if she wins later now, you can know that she isn't infallible and it'll be made up for later. She didn't get her way at the end so I wasn't even that bothered that she got the last laugh. Also, she's not trying to out-hunt the boys. She isn't even a hunter. Yay.

Okay, in her defense, Ruby isn't a hunter, either, but she sure likes to talk like she is the know all, be all of this stuff. Like, saving Sam? bah! That is Dean's job! No matter how dumbly repetitive it is, I get this amused kick every time he has to have himself rescued by the Useful Brother. Still, scene could've been improved by not having "I'm the girl who just saved your ass" or whatever tacked onto it. Bleh. At least Sam can sort of hold his own, like the way he shouted in her face until she explained 'who she was'.

Still, wipe a little smugness off, Ruby, and I shall cut you a break. But it'll have to be soon because I'm already cementing the ideas in my head.

PS. Where's Ellen? She rules.
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