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the plan thus far

krycek is contacted

Surviving members, and some new enthusiasts, seek to remake what was lost of the Syndicate. In their sneaking around they have become very interested in the "alien" business that is the 4400 in Seattle. But that place is far too high tension to try anything for a company still rebuilding. Imagine their delight when a speciman moves out of the Seattle main radar. Happily, they find out that Krycek is in the area and, despite past deeds on both sides, they contact him and inform him that an important possible subject has been moved to Franklin Springs and wouldn't he be a dear and monitor the progress of their plan to incapacitate said subject.


shawn heals ( 2 scenes )

Meanwhile, Shawn has got it into his head to try and heal people again. At first it happens on accident and he takes note of the exhaustion it causes, but he doesn't let this deter him. When the situations arise, Shawn both goes to see the injured Dean Winchester and happens upon the ailing Isaac Mendez.


the pills

Either Shawn gets too worn out to continue and decides to take the pills OR Tom sees that Shawn is having too much trouble and insists that he take the pills.


>> The pills were given to Shawn by doctors who are in cohoots with the Syndicate. Hearing that Shawn was heading out of town, they put their plan into motion by taking an experimental new version of the inhibitor they had been playing with and mixing it into the normal drugs. They are meant to decrease any abilities and make the subject more susceptible to suggestion, therefore more available to be brought in without a fuss.

krycek finds his subject

Krycek locates them and in some way confirms that this is Shawn and he is taking the pills.

Shawn begins to get sick on the pills. He becomes weak and agreeable ( more than usual ) and Krycek approaches him. Having been kept from the real meat of the information on the 4400, Krycek isn't aware of his target's true nature until Shawn has to heal someone OR has to heal Krycek.

Krycek becomes interested in this talent. He reports falsely into his new contacts, saying that there has been no effect yet and he can't bring them anyone.

krycek plays the trust card

Krycek tells Shawn that he believes the pills are hurting him and to get off of them. Though Shawn has questions, he begins to trust Krycek when stopping his medication, indeed, shows improvement. Having heard Juliet's name around campus, Shawn decides he is going to take the pills to her to see what is in them. Krycek tags along, feigning like he doesn't know as much as he does, though also curious.

on campus

Krycek is spotted by Jaime on campus. She follows him.

Juliet tests the pills and becomes interested in what or who they are meant to stop, and why.

Shawn begins to think that NTAC had a hand in this and isn't sure what to say to his uncle.

tom has a heart-attack

Tom throws himself into the mess because he is Tom and he does that.

chaos ensues


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